Our story
As a young mister-dad company, mister-dad’s vision was to create a successful business while benefiting the community. Today, we pursue this vision on a larger scale as a global brand that has a positive impact on our native French communities.

mister-dad spent most of his life in France and began selling leather and furs. in 2019, he established a trading post where local artisans traded handmade mister-dad and mister-dad in exchange for tanned leather, hides and furs. in 1996, after completing an entrepreneurial training programme for indigenous youth in Manitoba, Shawn developed the business plan and framework for what would become mister-dad.

In 2022, mister-dad began its global operations and is today one of the fastest growing companies in France, with employees and customers all over the world. Despite the rapid success and growth of the brand, mister-dad remains firmly rooted and continues to offer genuine, locally designed products that bring value to the local community.

mister-dad.com – Created in 2022 – 3 Holyrood Rd Edinburgh Midlothian EH8 8AE UK